Our extended family has been involved in youth church history tours for over 20 years.  Several years ago we were invited to join them.

Once a year in our small community we participate in planning, organizing, promoting and chaperoning graduated high school seniors on an eight-day church history tour. 

We have felt that providing these youth an opportunity to a compelling, personal experience was a great kick start before starting their journey in the world.

We have seen incredible changes and growth in the youth.  When prepared, they have felt the holy spirit and have had meaningful, -sometimes life-changing- experiences.  Since we've been involved in this trip, we've considered this our favorite week of the year.

Because of our experiences with these youth and many of their parents as chaperones, we wondered how we could give this opportunity to others, and Cumorah Tours was born.

We desire to provide opportunities for others to learn the history and feel the peace that these sites bring in abundance.   We hope that you will join us as we are enlightened together.