In 1831 Joseph Smith and his family moved to Hiram, Ohio, into the home of John and Elsa Johnson, some recent converts who had become acquainted with Joseph Smith in Kirtland. During the year Joseph lived here, the home served as headquarters for the church. Joseph received an outpouring of revelations within these walls. Including a magnificent vision of the Father an the Son and the three degrees of glory. Several conferences also took place here. In 1832 in a conference it was voted that a Book of Commandments was published, which later became the Doctrine and Covenants.

In March 1832 in the dark of night, Joseph was dragged from the home by a mob who tarred and feathered him. Despite his injuries, Joseph still preached to a congregation near the home, as had been planned, and baptized three persons. 

The church acquired the 160 acre Johnson farm in 1956 and completely restored the home to its original condition in 2001.