In 1832 Joseph Smith moved from Hiram, Ohio back to Kirtland, Ohio. Bishop Newel K. Whitney prepared an apartment for the Prophet's family above his store, where they lived until the winter of the following year. The store served as the headquarters for the church at that time. Many revelations were received by the Prophet in the N.K. Whitney store that are now included in the Doctrine and Covenants; including the Word of Wisdom, the oath and the covenant of the priesthood and the command to build a temple in Kirtland. Joseph also completed much of his translation of the Bible here.

During the winter of 1832-33 the school of the prophets was held in the upper room of the store. The school was organized to teach gospel doctrine and principles and to prepare members for ministry in the church. On one sacred occasion, members present beheld a vision of God the Father, and the Son, Jesus Christ.

The church purchased the store in the 1980's restored it to its original condition in 1984. This site also offers a tour of Newel K. Whitney's home, the ashery and the sawmill