"This was such an amazing experience!! Having the opportunity to travel back east with some of my best friends, while strengthening my testimony of the LDS church and Joseph Smith, made for an unforgettable week! Good food, lots of laughs, and one of a kind spiritual moments are all guaranteed!"


"They church history trip really does wonders for your basic knowledge of the church in its youth. It added an important element of reality to the stories I grew up hearing. Personally I came to feel the reality of the restoration more fully as the trip went on. To walk where Brother Smith walked, and to feel the spirit of the saints where they labored, drives home their hardships and efforts. In its entirety the trip offers knowledge and experiences that can be reflected upon later in life and will eventually contribute to growth in faith."


"This trip changed my life. It helped me learn things I probably wouldn’t ever learn otherwise. Especially with  the leaders we had. They are so knowledgeable about all the places and what happened at them. And the nightly devotionals were a great time to reflect on the day and just think of the remarkable things you learned or felt."


"It is wonderful being surrounded by kids of your faith who are all striving to feel the spirit. I learned so much from them and their spiritual experiences. This trip was a confirmation to me that the church of Jesus Christ is true!"